Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the saddle...

The last couple months have been fairly disasterous on the exercise front. I'm still battling this stupid plantar fasciitis. It's terrible. I hate it. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. However, enough is enough already. There's more to life than a stupid foot injury. So, it's time to get with the program and get moving again.

And today, I found inspiration in my friend Jody. She is doing her first ever triathlon on May 2nd. So is Jill. It's going to be fun. Really fun!! I'm so excited. So, I signed up. I missed the opening on the Strathmore Triathlon, but not this one. I'm still hoping that somehow I get into the Strathmore one, but I'll worry about that later!! For now, I'm signed up for Tri Diva Tri and excited to be doing it with other people I know. It will be great!! And the person that runs it is the same one that does the Strathmore Triathlon, so the race atmosphere should be supportive and fun. Again, I'm signed up. Yes, yes yes!!

And to improve things even more, today I am going swimming with Jody. That's what got the whole thing rolling. We're meeting up to work on swimming a bit. The Tri Diva Tri is only 10 laps of swimming, so I am almost thinking transition will take longer than actual swimming. But either way, it's just going to be fun, and now I need to get working on things again. It's sometimes tough to fit in workouts with the kids, but I just need to make sure I pick working out above tv or other mind wasters. I can, I know I can. No more lazy lady!! Time to get back on track (gee, I know I've said that before, but hey, every time I get out there, is one more time I'm not just sitting at home...)