Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling worthy...

It's funny, I don't always feel as though I'm good enough. I mean, I know lots of people that think I'm crazy because I have done the occasional running race or triathlon (okay, maybe more than a few, but still). These people seem to think I'm active and almost athletic like. If I try and find someone who will run with me, these same people tell me about how they could never keep up, they are too slow, they are just starting to run etc. But here's the thing, I wouldn't ask, if I didn't want the company!!

Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, and someone who is much faster than me wants to go running, I'm always quick to opt out apologizing for my snail's pace and inability to keep up with such an athlete. But, they wouldn't be asking if they didn't want the company!!

So why is it that we always under estimate our potential or someone's desire for our company. Why is it we aren't worthy? My husband just got back from a weekend of training for ironman, and despite the fact that he swam over 2km, biked over 170km and ran over 30km, he still told me he felt like he was a fat overweight guy with no athletic abilities. How is it society has allowed us to feel this way? How is okay that we feel this way? It might seem silly, but it's very real!!

If someone wants your company, it's because they don't want to run alone, or bike alone. So, join them!! They wouldn't ask otherwise, and they will go your pace because it's the company they crave, not the speed!! Just believe in yourself, and what you are doing. At the end of the day, you are out there doing, and that alone, makes you worthy!! It's not about the speed, but about the journey. So, get out there, with whomever it is that wants your company. You will be glad you did. And hey, at the end of the day, you'll have been out there doing, rather than on the sidelines just watching. It's in you!! Now go out and be the amazing athlete that you are, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

And here we are in July!!

Life is so busy... always... it's crazy. I mean, I know I cause half the busy parts and it's my choice, and I love it, but wow, the time just flies by!! And hours fill up. I try and stay organized and that helps, but sometimes I think it would be nice to just take a vacation from being busy!! I need a weekend on a deserted island or something!!

I love blogging but hardly ever seem to find the time for it. It's always as though something else is more important or has a higher urgency. So, I just need to figure out a way to make it a priority as well. With so many things competing for my time, it never seems to be the priority...

So where are we? Well, my plans changed drastically after Jeremy won his ironman entry. Suddenly, all training was about him, and I am totally fine with that. It's important to him and needed!!

But what's happened? I did the police half (was not a stellar performance), then the Mother's Day 5km with my little 5 year old!! Next up was the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I'd been signed up for several months, but the fundraising didn't really go so well, so wasn't sure if I'd actually do it, never mind the part where I hadn't trained a whole lot specifically for it. However in the end, took a leap of faith and did the ride with more than $1000 left to raise. Luckily, I have since managed to get that money raised... and will hopefully start sooner to raise money for the 2012 ride!! If you want to donate to that, click here. And if you want to read more about the 2011, ride, I blogged about it on my family blog here. Suffice it to say, it was an amazing experience. I loved it, and I am so glad I decided to do it!! Ended up riding my mountain bike for it, and despite some horrible weather on the second day, got all 200km done (actually more but we'll round down to that nice number). Some great hills and some great moments. But check out the blog post because really, it says it all!! And thanks so much to every person who supported me along the way with donations, bottles for the bottle drive, well wishes and stuff. It's a great ride and if you are even remotely thinking about doing it, I say go for it!! You won't regret it for a moment!!

Next up is my boys (husband and 5yr old), doing the Lake Chaparral triathlon. The little guy will do the kids of steel event on the Saturday, and then the husband will do either the sprint or olympic distance on the Sunday. I find it almost funny, that in our family, the first person to complete an open water triathlon will be our 5-yr-old. Really? I mean, really? Go Sebastian.

After that is the Spartan Race. Hmmmmm.... what was I thinking... more on that another day!!