Monday, January 11, 2010

A broken record...

So, I feel like a broken record. I'm just trying to find some motivation again. I have my big goal race in August, but not much more before that figured out yet. And, sometimes, when the big goal is just too big, it's important to break it down into smaller steps so things don't seem so overwhelming. By choosing some shorter races leading up to the big race, I have more immediate goals that seem more achievable. However, my lack of motivation hasn't been for nothing...

My husband is in the midst of his training, and for the first time since we've met, he's actually been consistent in working out and quite motivated. I think part of his motivation lies in the fact that he's getting ahead of me. So, in some ways I don't want to wreck that. I won't stop working out just so he can feel good, but I think being ahead of me, is really good for his psyche!!

However, the time has come to once again, get back on that proverbial horse and get exercising. I'm excited. Today I go to the trainer and that will certainly be a good catalyst to get moving again. And, with my first race possibly only a couple months away, I will get a plan down on paper, and once that happens, the world is mine. I'll take a picture of the poster I make and get to work on filling in the squares!!

The one good thing is, it doesn't matter how many times you have to get back on that horse, as long as you do. There's always tomorrow. And as long as you are willing to get moving, it's worth it. It doesn't matter if you miss a day, a week or a month, just get back to working out. Your body will thank you for it!!

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