Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Run with a friend...

So, the last few days I have felt completely unmotivated when it comes to my running. Not really sure why or what's up that way. However, my saving grace has been having someone to run with. On Sunday, we went to cheer on a friend doing a race, and ended up doing the kids 1km with our son (who finished very last... he didn't want to run and kept asking me to carry him... however, once he was near the finish and heard all these people cheering for him, he started running again!!). It was fun, but I knew I needed to run 10km that day. So, later in the afternoon, I suggested to my husband that we should go running as a family and take the boys to a playground. Well, after several grumbles about not wanting to go, a few reminders about how he really does want to be active, and out the door we went. I kept asking him how far he wanted to go, him knowing that I really wanted to do 10km, and me knowing he really didn't. Well, we went 6km, then stopped at a playground, while I proceeded to get in a few extra kilometres. Then, we went and bought some groceries, and then we headed home. So, not only did we run, we also got in some play time and chores... score one for being an active family!!

Then, today, I was totally unmotivated. I was at home with a sick baby who was all clingy and burning up with a fever. Again, no desire to run, yet Tuesday nights I am running with another mom friend from the neighbourhood, and I showed up just like we planned, and she showed up, and we both said we wouldn't have run if we weren't meeting up to run. So, another day of exercise complete, thanks to the plan of running with someone.

So, running with a friend really can make a huge difference. In my case, I probably wouldn't have run at all this week if I wasn't running with people. So much for the solitude of running... having running buddies was actually what got me out the door!!

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