Monday, August 1, 2011

Training for Spartan...

The first Spartan Race in Calgary, is coming up in a few short weeks. Less than three to be exact. I am entered. I am excited, but am I ready? Well, not really... I mean, my mind is there, but exercise has been a bit sparce lately. I mean, I am still getting in some runs and rides, but not with quite the volume as I was earlier this year. Part of the reason for that is I want to make sure my husband is getting in his rides/runs/swims for his ironman. But part of the reason is also just not quite the same commitment as early. Some days I'm just feeling lazy. It's no excuse really, but I could use with a few more workouts. After the Ride To Conquer Cancer, I just haven't been as motivated to be active and haven't been going out of my way to exercise every day. I know this will change again soon, but in the mean time, I really could use with a few more upper body workouts (I hear burpees are pretty common on the Spartan Race!!).

I feel like I'm a broken record... The motivation just hasn't been there, but it will be. Yeah yeah, but what am I going to do to make sure that happens? Here is my plan:

1. Write it down. Make yourself a little list of maybe 3 to 5 things you want to get done in a day, and keep that list close at hand so that you get those things ticked off. And make sure that your workout is one of the items!! Having a list and checking things off really can help.

2. Find some inspiration. For me, my biggest inspiration this week was a youtube video that I saw incorporating one of my favourite exercise songs with one of my big picture goals. Check it out... it may scare you, or it may inspire you... possibly both, but for me it was inspiring!!

3. Figure out what your goal is. Sometimes, without any sort of goal, we just sort of float along. This is especially true after you've done something spectacular. In my case, it was the Ride to Conquer Cancer. That was an amazing experience and I loved it, but since completing that, I haven't really focused on any new goal, and as a result, I haven't really been putting in any kind of effort. So now, I will focus on my Spartan Race as my next goal, and with less than three weeks to go... it's time to kick it into high gear!!

4. Share your goal. Tell other people what you are planning to do. Then, you are more likely to work towards it, since others may ask you about how things went!!

5. Just get out there and do something!! It seems minor but sometimes, it's so easy to come up with every excuse not to do something rather than just taking the time and getting out there!! You will be glad you did...

And with that... I'm off to go run...

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