Thursday, March 1, 2012

SUGOI Brand Champion!!

Earlier this year, I applied to be part of the SUGOI Brand Champion program. I have always loved SUGOI and one of my favourite jackets of all times come from them many years ago. And over the years, I've acquired more and more of their amazing product. So, it seemed only fitting to apply to their program. But then something incredible happened... I actually go picked to be a brand champion. Just plain me.

I'm not a professional athlete, I am not an age group winner. I am a middle of the packer. Sometimes closer to back of the pack, depends on the day really. In fact, I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to work out. I eat cause I love food, and sometimes that is reflected in my waistline. But I sign up for races, and I finish. I race so my children know that being active should be a part of every day life. I race so friends and family can see me being active, and hopefully inspire them as well. I race simply because I can, there are many people out there who get sidelined by illness and disease so I race in honour of them, making sure that I use my health to raise money for causes that help those who are sidelined. I race for the feeling you get at the finish, hearing my boys cheer and tell me they are proud of their mama.

So, now that I am actually a Brand Champion, I feel the need to represent SUGOI to the best of my abilities. That means following my goals, and sticking to my program. I have a lofty goal this year. As a full-time working mom of two young boys, I am training for my first ever Ironman, this August at Ironman Canada in Penticton. It's a big goal, but I know it can be achieved. I just need to stick to the program. Stop with the excuses, stay focused and stay committed. There are a few other events planned for the year as well. The Ride to Conquer Cancer Alberta edition, please, feel free to donate to this wonderful cause helping the Alberta Cancer Foundation fund cutting edge research (I still have a bit to raise!!). And one of my favourite half marathons, The Calgary Police Half Marathon. We also signed up for the Melissa's 10km Road Race in September (a nice relaxing post ironman race??). So there are lots of things to train for and account for.  Part of that means, I intend to be a bit more regular with my blogging. For some reason, this has been a struggle in the past year. Finding time to sit at the computer isn't always easy with my little guys wanting so much of my time. But I will work at it, even if the entries are just short!! After all, I am sure many of us sometimes go through the same struggles, and better to share those and find support to continue marching on.

I'm excited. I'm inspired. This year is going to be a lot of fun!! So please, follow along... and share your goals for the year... I would love to hear them!!

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