Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Harry Potter Birthday Cake

My son just had a birthday and he wanted a Harry Potter cake. So, I set out to make him one. He wanted Harry, Ron and Hermione on it. It was a challenge, but I think I pulled it off, tell me your thoughts...

First it was building the base for the characters. The characters are my favourite part. They started out as rice krispie squares, sort of moulded into the basic shape I wanted for the different characters. Next up was mixing the fondant into the different colours... White for their shirts and eyes, skin colour, yellow and burgundy for the Gryffindor crests and ties, Grey for their sweaters and pants, and black for their shoes.

Next up working hard to create the characters. Covering, cutting, gluing (with water) and piecing together.

The hair was another matter entirely, made with buttercream icing, dyed into the appropriate colours and piped on with a fun tip.

The castle involved chocolate cake, buttercream icing, some cutting, some stacking, some arranging, a couple ice cream cones and soon enough, it was time to cover it and make it look more Hogwarts like. We used a brick imprinter to make the sides of the castle look stone, used a special tip to add the ivy, and soon enough assembled the whole thing together.

My son loved it. So, for me, that's truly what matters. Happy Birthday my little one!!

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