Monday, July 22, 2013

Insult to injury...

Okay, so I know I need a change. It's hard to believe that a little less than a year ago, I finished Ironman Canada. Super awesome right? Yet here I am now... the weight creeping back on, ugh.

So yesterday I am talking with a work colleague and the Tour de France comes up, and we are talking about the riders and kids and setting good examples, and soon enough the conversation moves on to triathlons, and racing and such. I mentioned that I'd done an ironman, and he asks, "oh, did you finish it?". Of course I finished it. I worked hard that day, and on the long bikes and swims leading up to it. I know I might not look it, but I am an Ironman Finisher.

That's it... time for change... truly... not having a conversation like that again!!

Today, eating... check!! Rocked it!! Kept track of it too. I really do love the Myplate Livestrong app on my phone. And just knowing I am tracking it, the box of Tim Bits beside my desk at work has stayed exactly that... others come and take some... and I resist. And at 50-80 calories per timbit... I'm glad!! I also resisted the pizza night, and the fries and burgers, and milkshakes... I stayed good!!

And after midnight, I'll indulge in a nectarine with some homemade Muslei. Cause it's awesome... and full of good stuff. My favourite healthy eating cookbook for athletes. Feed Zone. from the people behind Skratch. It's from there. Give or take an addition or two of my own...yum...

It's starting. I can feel the winds of change...

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