Monday, July 29, 2013

And so we begin again...

With less than ninety days until we leave for a long anticipated family vacation, once again I must try and be disciplined and a little more in charge of myself. I work hard to be active with my kids yet I can't seem to stay focused on myself and my food choices sometimes.

Part of it is just self sabotage. That's terrible I know. And that might not even be the right term. Making bad choices in the moment for short term pleasure rather than thinking about the long term goal. But if I am serious about the long term goal, then the short term decisions really do matter. I need to keep that big picture close by so that my day to day decisions take that into account. 

So where do I stand... Well, here...

See what I mean? It's not pretty. Two years ago I was very disciplined with eating and my weight was at about 164.  Last year I was disciplined with exercise as I trained for Ironman Canada. At the moment I'm not being very disciplined at either. That needs to change. That HAS to change. 

And so I once again, I commit myself to this journey of eating better and exercise. I know the journey is not always easy. But it can be done. I know it's a mindset. I have done this before and I will do this again. Because, I know I want the bigger goal now more than the quick sugar highs. 

I also want to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I know being back at this weight that I just don't look how I would like. 

I do make fairly good eating choices. Like breakfast today. I had my muesli with half a peach and blueberries. So tasty. And I had one small mocha. Eight ounces. See, very portion controlled. I will track my eating again. Truly, tracking your eating is key. If you don't hold yourself accountable, you'll cheat. If one cookie is good, two is better. That kind of thing. So I will track it. And I will blog about it. And maybe I'll find some other people facing a similar journey. 

It is mind over matter. And I know I have a strong mindset. I'm an ironman for goodness sakes. So if I can accomplish those huge physical tasks, I know I can do the eating ones as well.  

I want to do this for me but also for my kids. Part of being an active family is setting a good example. That means being active but it also means consuming the best fuel for that activity. It means no snacking on junk food once the kids go to bed. If I need a snack, making it wholesome and healthy and within the guidelines I need to sustain myself, not pushing over that. 

So, there you have it. Post Ironman has been less than ideal. I've slumped back into some bad habits but the time to get good habits going again is here. I have big dreams. I have big goals. There are so many races, hikes, bikes, runs and more to do. But I want to get faster and not just finish. The time is now. Today we get going once again. Better eating, more focused exercise. And...GO!!

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