Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Five months left...

I know, I know. It is broken record time again. And I know I will say this time is different. And maybe it will be. Or maybe not. Ugh. I am not very good at this lately. However today marks only five months until my thirties are a thing of the past. I would rather not start my forties as my body currently stands. So I will hope that today marks a change. Especially since, post vacation, my weight is on the rise. I will show a picture. Not sure why. Hopefully so I have to never see these numbers again. 

It is not pretty. I can be so incredibly lazy. 
And I can make very poor choices when it comes to eating (read: sweet tooth). Please let this be the time I really do change. 

That is all. Your encouragement and support are appreciated. 

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