Thursday, November 14, 2013

No sweeter reward!!

Just finished the next treadmill run. I am watching Once Upon A Time while I run. This morning while contemplating a morning coffee, I opted for a small latte over a mocha. I know, trivial little decisions, but wait. By choosing the latte over the mocha, I was able to have the sweetest reward after my run. A glass of Avalon Dairies Organic Chocolate Milk.

 It is such a treat. And although it makes a pretty amazing mocha, a glass of chocolate milk, made all the fancier in a nice cup, is pure heaven. Try it. You will see what I mean. You might have to run a bit longer and a bit further, but it will be worth every sip.

In the meantime… another 4.98km run. Why not 5km? Because it was a preprogrammed route and that is just how far it is. This afternoon I will get a bit of a walk in, as the kids go on their walk-a-thon fundraiser at the school. Yay, it's a time to be active with the kids!! Love every one of those opportunities.

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