Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ice Cream Soup...

I have a confession to make. I love mashing up my ice cream and making an almost soup out of it. This started back when I was just a child. Whenever we visited my grandparents' house, we always got to have ice cream sundaes, complete with vanilla ice cream, or butter pecan (my grandma's favourite), and then we got to put on Hershey's Chocolate Sauce, the kind that comes in a can. Sometimes she had the butterscotch as well, but always the chocolate. And cherries, with a little cherry syrup from the jar. And coconut. And optional sliced almonds. My grandpa loved the sliced almonds on his. We always got to choose what we wanted and then ate our sundaes at the table. We always mashed up the ice cream and then ate it all mixed up (we being, my brother and I). It was a childish thing to do, but it was so much fun!! This was one of my favourite things about visiting my grandparents.

Now, fast forward to today. I am a grown adult living in my own house with a family of my own. And, I still love having ice cream. And, even at 35 years old, still love mashing it up. I know I should probably grow up sometime, but why, it's fun. I love it. And, it makes me smile anytime I have one of my mashed up ice cream soup sundaes. Really, it is fantastic. Luckily, this is a treat I try not to indulge in that often. But, it is a treat I love, and it just doesn't taste the same unless you mash it up.

So, I will continue to make my sundaes, and I will continue to run to help offset the extra calories!!

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