Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running shorts...

I ran today, with my friend who recently signed up for a half marathon. She's pretty new to running, so right now it's a combination of running and walking. It felt great, plus, it was nice to be running with someone who is fairly new to running and offering my take on certain elements of running, like the kinds of clothes to wear. It made me stop and think about it, most specifically the leg part of the clothes.

In the summer, I wear shorts to run. They are spandex shorts that I would call bike shorts except that they don't have that extra padding. Back in my younger years though, that is what those shorts were called. I have worn bike shorts for running for as long as I can remember. I am not really one of those people that could ever wear the true running shorts that rival a bikini for the amount of skin they show. I really don't think anyone needs to see my whole thigh while I am running. I also have some bike shorts that are capri length. These are also comfortable to run in. I like having tight style shorts because I don't run into issues with them riding up on me, they stay in place and I feel comfortable in them. I would not feel comfortable in the short short running shorts. And, if you aren't comfortable (both mentally and physically), then you aren't likely to get out and run, so it's important that whatever you choose to wear, you feel good in.

I have started to dabble a bit into the world of running skirts as well. So far, I only have one running skirt and it's actually a maternity skirt, but it is fantastic. I ran a half marathon in it the day after I bought it (okay, I actually walked most of that race, but still). I have a gift card to use at a running store, and I think I will use it to buy a running skirt. That way, I can be stylish and run at the same time!! Can you imagine, I'll be more stylish in my running clothes than I am in every day life!!

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  1. Yup, you gotta get another running skirt! You can always layer them over your bike shorts, if you want a bit more coverage (if you buy the style with briefs, that is).