Friday, June 26, 2009

Less than 16 weeks!!

If you can imagine, time is just flying by these days. It is now less than 16 weeks until I run the Okanagan Half Marathon in October. To get myself motivated, I created a poster for myself to countdown my workouts and hopefully have fun colouring and showing my son every time I go out running so he sees that I am an active person. I also made a poster for my friend who is running the same race as her first ever half marathon. She has been doing awesome so far, and together we manage to get out about once a week running. This week we started hills for the first time. We did two, and it was tough. It was a hot day, and we were both pushing a Chariot loaded up with two kids. So, I guess that was a bit of extra resistance, next week we'll do three, and hopefully can find the time to go without the kids, so we don't have the extra load!!

Things have been going pretty well lately. Today I took Sullivan running in the Chariot along with Cronos (the dog). I ran a route that ended up being 9.3km long. It was quite windy, so the uphill into the wind parts were definitely challenging. I had my ipod with me and was loving all the different songs that came on. It was a great run.

And, as for the weighing in... well, I just weighed myself, and was 189.4 pounds (85.91kg). Now, that might be a little low because perhaps my fluid intake should be more yet today (and it will be), but imagine the excitement when I stepped on the scale and was in the 180s!! That hasn't happened since before I was pregnant and even then, it's lower than I have been for at least a couple years now (I had been hovering around the 200 mark for quite some time). So, this was a huge accomplishment today. And this is good, because if I keep at it, the less I weigh, the easier the running will be, and since I am truly hoping to break an hour for a 10km sometime, this is extremely important!! That's it for now though...

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