Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overcoming the temptation...

So, I was at the grocery store this morning, and possibly a little hungry while I was there. I needed to buy some groceries for dinner and decided on hot dogs, with salad on the side, and corn, and celery and carrots. Oh, and some peppers and onions for the actual hot dogs. As I was choosing the buns, I was so tempted to get a pastry of some sort. Everything looked fantastic. I mean truly. I could have had one of each. Even the little cinnamon danishes looked amazing and that might not normally be my first choice. It took everything I had but managed to get through without buying any. Instead I bought a grapefruit and a bag of grapes. So, that was a small little victory in the grand scheme of things.

And things are still going well in the weight loss department. I just weighed in at 192.6pounds (87.36kg). And that is after a somewhat disastrous weekend of eating. Started out good on the Friday with salmon and salad, but things just went downhill after that. Oh well, every day is a new day and even if things don't go well one day, that doesn't mean we can't improve for the next day!!

On the exercise front, things have been rocking. The last two weeks I have done amazing. I ran several times, once even at a pace of 10.1km an hour including hills (it was a treadmill workout). Another time, I thought I was running 6km, but it turned out to be 7.8km. And, I have been getting my strength workout in as well. At least 2 workouts a week of that, which is much better than other weeks. So, we're getting somewhere. And now, with a half marathon on the horizon for the fall, I will have to keep up with the training so that maybe I can have a personal best for that race!!

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