Monday, July 13, 2009

A short vacation...

Sometimes life is busy. Being away from home is fun, but it can disrupt routines to no end. Just ask my son, who still seems to think going to bed at 10pm is okay. Oh well, we're working on that.

I spent 9 days travelling with my mom, and two sons. It was great. My husband was even able to join us for the weekend in Seattle. I had a lot of fun. We did a lot of driving (somewhere around 3000km I believe?). But, I did bring my running shoes with me, and I did, in fact, run. I managed to run three times while I was gone. Once in Kamloops, once in Bellevue (on a treadmill doing intervals), and once in Sun Peaks (the long run). It was fantastic. I was very grateful to my mom for watching the boys while I ran. That certainly helped me have the opportunity.

Eating however, was not so great. I made a lot of bad choices, but figured I was on holidays, so what the heck. I know that is no excuse, but I have nothing else. I indulged in some cheesecake, creme brulee, ice cream sundaes, and numerous Starbucks drinks as well. And let's not forget chips and dip, and chocolates, and sodas. However, there were a few positive moments. I drank 8 glasses of water most days. Had yogurt a few times. Ate some fresh fruit along the way. So, although my eating was not ideal, there were at least some moments that went well.

Now though, I am back home, and after a busy weekend of cake making, I am back on track. I went running this morning and I go to the trainer tonight. So, I can get back to training for my 10km and half marathon...

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  1. I'm the same as you! I've got a 10k looming in late Sept and somehow can't get the energy to train properly for it...because I'll be on holiday soon. But I'll also bring my shoes, it's such an achievement to get those runs in while on vacation, isn't it?

    And don't kick yourself about your food choices. At least you knew they were bad - sometimes it helps to give yourself a break.