Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not just for the military...

Boot camps were always known for their tough work in getting young recruits ready for the military. And in the last few years they are popping up all over the place for people trying to get in shape. I've always wondered what they were like. Recently though, I got to find out first hand.

I have been going to a trainer every two weeks. I meet with the trainer and two other ladies (makes it more affordable). Well, when the summer schedule came out for the fitness fix where we meet, they had forgotten about our sessions. So, they needed to adjust our sessions. We had the choice, come in earlier and do the session (doesn't work because I have to wait until the husband is home before I can leave), or come in at the same time, do half an hour with the trainer, then stay for another hour of boot camp. We choose the boot camp option.

Wow. I mean really, that's all there is to say. Boot camps are tough. They don't seem like it, but truly, I work harder in that hour than on most of my runs. This particular boot camp is a mix of cardio and strength exercises. The cardio portions are short, but very tough. Mostly sprints and fast types of exercise. And the strength is no walk in the park either. We're talking full body stuff, like push ups and squats and that sort of thing. By the end of the session, I am completely spent. Utterly exhausted. Having sweated buckets. And, every week, I keep thinking it will get a little easier but in fact, it gets even harder. This week for example. I used a spin bike for the cardio portions. It was a super nice change from the treadmill and running, but it was super hard. My legs were on fire!!

So, if you need to pump some new life into your exercise regime, consider a boot camp. It really is as tough as you might have heard, but the results are completely worth the effort!!

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