Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last night I was really hungry. After a fairly decent supper (have you seen the cover of bon appetit this month?), of Moroccan Turkey Burgers, I spent the evening feeling super hungry. I was craving ice cream, but promised myself I would only have ice cream if I ate a bunch of fruit and still felt hungry. So, I had a bowl of rainier cherries. They were so good. The bowl was big enough that I could have shared with my husband but I ate them all. Wow, I was hungry!! And, even after that I was still feeling really hungry. So, I had some ice cream. It was just a small little bowl. It was heavenly. I loved it. And after that, I was still hungry!! So, I drank some water. I mean, I can do the math, and I knew I had put in enough calories, but wow, I can't believe how hungry I felt last night. Here's hoping my body found some of the many stores of fat and found more nourishment there.

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