Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 ways to combat laziness...

So sometimes you just don't feel like going out there and running or doing whatever exercise you had planned. How can you keep yourself motivated so you still go?

1. Plan to run with someone. If you have a plan to meet someone and run, you are more likely to show up and actually do the running. Nobody wants to let down a friend so generally if you have a running date planned, you will probably stick to it.

2. Get dressed. Put on your running clothes, your running socks, your running shoes and your ipod. Once you are dressed up to run, chances are a lot better that you will actually get out there and run, I mean, since you put in all that effort to get dressed and all. This works for me, but more often what I will do is put on running socks. Once I have my running socks on, I almost always end up running later in the day. Not sure what it is, but already wearing the right socks gets me every time!!

3. Go out for ten minutes. If you really still don't want to be out running, then go home, but at least you gave it a shot (and if you ran 10 minutes in one direction, it will take 10 minutes to get back, so at the very least you got in 20 minutes). More likely however, once you get past that first 10 minutes, you'll keep on running whatever plan you had for the day.

4. Make a new playlist for your ipod or mp3 player. Knowing you have a whole new set of songs to run to can be motivating because it's usually music that keeps a good beat and gets you moving. Plus, you want to actually hear the songs you chose, so you might even run longer just to get them all in!!

5. Run first thing in the morning. Then, it's over and done with and you don't spend your whole day trying to figure out ways of getting out of your run. Life gets busy and sometimes running gets put to the side in pursuit of other things that pop up throughout the day. But, if you ran first thing, then nothing can get in the way!!

6. Cross train. When all else fails, do something else. Go for a walk, or a swim or a bike ride. Just be active. Or, if you have a treadmill, hop on that and get the run in while watching your favourite reality show. I use the treadmill most often for intervals and watch food tv while listening to my ipod. Strange maybe, but it works for me!!

No matter how you do it, if you got out and did it, then when you get home, you always feel better!!

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