Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time for some coaching...

So, since I signed up for the triathlon, I've been busy trying to get organized so that I can actually have a clue. I went swimming the other night. First time in probably six years (for lane swimming). It went pretty good and I managed to knock off 42 laps. I only need to do 30 for the race, but figured doing a few extras couldn't hurt.

We got a roof rack for the car. Now I can get my bike to the race. We also got a box so we can take extra gear (will come in handy for road trips in general, since getting around with 2 kids and a huge dog doesn't leave much space for stuff).

My husband got my bike all cleaned up and last night he showed me how to get the wheel on and off.

Today, I am going to a triathlon camp. I am learning everything I need to know to complete my first triathlon. It should be interesting. I hope I am in good enough shape to keep up. There are a bunch of different sessions. The obvious three: swimming, biking and running with a coach. Then there's nutrition, how to do a transition and stuff like that.

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I am amazed at how many things actually go into this whole triathlon experience. I am wondering so many different things. It seemed simple enough, you just swim a bit, then bike a bit, then run a bit, but getting from one sport to the other will be challenging. And what to wear. And what to eat. Hopefully today provides some guidance into some of those things!!

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