Monday, August 31, 2009

You know you've been running a while when...

- your wardrobe is mostly made up of race shirts. Some long sleeve, some short sleeve, some cotton, some technical fabric.
-you notice other people's race shirts and recognize the races you see (or find a new one you want to run!!)
-you've been on more vacations based on races than vacations based on anything else
-you gauge how far something is based on how long it would take you to run it
-you start noticing things that other runners could do to improve their form
-you've tried more than 10 different gels
-you are no longer afraid of hills or intervals
-you know what negative splits are and actually try to do them
-you get a chariot stroller so when all else fails, you can still run even if you have to take the kids
-you own more pairs of running shoes than dress shoes
-your sock drawer is full of anti blister, moisture wicking exercise socks
-you own a belt specifically designed to carry a water bottle so your hands stay free
-you have a dedicated list (or several) on your mp3/ipod just for running

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