Sunday, August 23, 2009

Change things up...

A lot of times as people are busy training for their races, they get a bit bored with the training. It seems as though running starts to become everything and doing the same thing all the time can be a bit boring. So, if you are running 5 or 6 days a week, why not change things up a bit and make one or two of those days something else. Do a boot camp (these are seriously tough stuff, but soooooo good for you!!), add some strength training, go for a bike ride or a swim (non-impact is a really nice break for those joints that work so hard for you with running), do a spin class or another aerobics type class. Try a yoga session. Go for a hike. It doesn't matter what the activity is, the change will use your muscles differently and likely actually help your training in the long run. And, the added bonus is, you won't get to a point where running becomes a chore because that is your exercise. Rather, exercise is something you look forward to because it's varied and always something different.

Tomorrow I am going hiking, and I can hardly wait. I know I will get an incredibly good workout and yet my legs will have a break from the pounding that running puts them through. I love cross training. I've added swimming to my workouts as well, and it is such a welcome change. I still work hard, but it's a different kind of work and my body likes that change.

So, if ever your running becomes a bit boring and tedious, it's probably time to substitute one of your runs for another sport. Your body will thank you for it!!

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  1. I also find running the same route tedious! But love the crosstraining and had a great tie hiking!