Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Challenge

One of the neatest parts about running is how there is always some new challenge you can find for yourself. Maybe it's a faster time, maybe it's a longer distance. One way or another though, there is always something to work towards. My running started up again after having my second child and I have had lots of challenges put into running. Part of it is about losing some weight, and getting back to where I was before having kids, and then trying to lose the "happy fat" that I put on since meeting and marrying my husband. The next part for me, is trying to beat an hour in a ten kilometre race. I tried once and was unsuccessful, although I did get a personal best, so really, that was a huge accomplishment. I will try again in September, however, I am not holding my breath since that race has a really nasty hill (with a beautiful view at the end to make it worthwhile though!!). But, I just might try another one in October, before the half, and maybe third time is the one that will work, we'll see... And then there is the half, maybe I will get a personal best in that race too. I hope so. It would make me really happy, but it's been awhile since I've done a half, so mostly I just want to enjoy it.

So, if you find you are not sure why you are running, figure something out. Do you want to improve your form, your time, run further, run longer? There are so many different ways to challenge yourself, so pick one and breath new life back into your running...

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