Thursday, August 27, 2009


Every now and then, it's nice to go for a run just for the sake of running. In other words, leave all the tech gadgets at home. That's right, no watch, no Garmin, no heart rate monitor, no ipod. Before the panic sets in, let me assure you, that it can actually change your whole perspective of running. Suddenly, instead of concentrating on the beat of the song or the pace you are running, you actually concentrate on your breathing and running form. Instead of getting all excited because your favourite song came on, you get all excited because you notice a huge tree that you've run past hundreds of times but only today saw that the leaves are starting to change colour. I'll be honest, seldom do I run without any sort of technology, as I love music while I run, but when I do leave the devices at home, I actually enjoy running for the sake of running. On race day now, seldom do I take my ipod with me (well, for shorter distances anyhow!!). Then I can enjoy the race for what it is!!

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