Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eating on the run...

Wondering what types of food to snack on while you run? Make sure you try some things out on practice runs so you know what will work for you and your stomach on race day. Some people have iron stomachs, others get sick at merely the thought of a sugar drink. So try things out ahead of time. Here's my top 12 favourite running snacks...

1. Luna Bars. I'm a girl, and these bars were designed for the female half of the species. And, they are fantastic. They come in all sorts of flavours and they are super tasty. They are great for running and hiking too.

2. Gu Energy Gels. Okay, I know gels aren't pretty and it can take a lot to get them down, but if you can find a flavour you like, then you've won half the battle. I like the tri-berry the best but vanilla bean is great too. And really, gels are easy to digest, so you get the extra energy you need faster with little chance of upset stomach.

3. Sharkies. These are sort of like candies, but for someone with a sweet tooth like me, they definitely aren't candies. But, if you can't do the gels, this is a nice option that's more food like but still packs the same punch as a gel. They have a bonus of being organic. And, they come in cute shark shapes.

4. . Jelly Belly Sport Beans. Seriously, they taste just like jelly beans. They look like jelly beans, but they also have electrolytes in them to replace those lost while exercising. And they have lots of great flavours.

5. Gummy Bears. I love these. I know it's just candy, but hey, when I'm running, sometimes I'm just sick of the regular choices and a bunch of gummy bears is just a really nice treat for me.

5. Rice Krispie Squares. I prefer homemade ones to the store bought version, but would do either on a run. Again, I sometimes want more than the traditional choices above, and since I am more of a recreational athlete, these work for me.

6. Baked potatoes. Sounds funny but it works. Bake up a potato, cut it into little cubes, season with a bit of salt and butter, and take them along. My only complaint is they are a tiny bit messy on the hands.

7. Nutrigrain bars. They are in a nice convenient package and a good size. They don't have all the same stuff as a Luna bar, but it's still a nice snack during a run.

8. Snickers Marathon Bar. I had this once during a race and it was amazing. It has all the stuff you want from an energy bar but tastes more like a chocolate bar. It was fantastic!!

9. Clif Shot Bloks. I love everything this company makes. The Bloks are a nice way to get a shot (like a gel), but again better for those people who can't do gels (my husband is one of them).

10. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut bars. Basically a granola bar that has salty nuts in it. They taste great and are a nice treat on a run. I like how the sweet and salty compliment each other so well. My favourite is the peanut one.

There's lots more you can take on a run, along with a lot of other companies that make great stuff. What works for you? Leave a comment about your favourite running or hiking snacks. I'm always looking for new ideas!!

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